• Legislative and Legal acts of Turkmenistan and foreign countries;
  • demand and offer of goods and services for domestic and external markets;
  • legal addresses and profile of foreign companies and their branches;
  • world prices for all types of goods;
  • terms and venue of international exhibitions and fairs;
  • legal addresses of Chambers, International Organizations and Foreign companies.

Services on foreign economic activities

  • Clearance of cargo and customs declarations;
  • issues of Goods Origin Certificates;
  • preparation of shipping documentation;
  • examination of quantity, quality, spare parts and technical condition of goods, packages and marking;
  • inspection of cargo safety during loading and unloading process;
  • definition of goods' Code against trade nomenclature;
  • translation and certification all types of documentation from and into foreign languages;
  • search of potential partners on export and import transactions, establishment of joint ventures, cooperative links;
  • organization of economic missions, visits, business negotiations;
  • advertising of investment projects for attraction of foreign assets.

Exhibition and fair

  • Organization and hold of the international and national specialized exhibitions, fairs, workshops,
    conferences and presentations in Turkmenistan and abroad;
  • participation of national expositions of Turkmenistan and Turkmen businesses at international fairs and exhibitions abroad;
  • promotion the Exhibitors in customs clearance of exhibition goods, exhibits, publicity and consumables;
  • registration of visas for foreigners for participation at exhibitions and fair events, conferences, forums, workshops;
  • construction and design of exhibition both and stands.

Legal services

  • Preparation of export-import contracts and agreement drafts;
  • contract examination;
  • development of chartered documents and promotion of businesses' registration;
  • provisional advices on opening of legal entities representatives in Turkmenistan;
  • consulting on Civil, tax, currency and customs legislation;
  • certification of force major events.

Business education

  • Consulting on business education issues, specialist upgrading, re-training, involvement into to courses conducted in Turkmenistan and abroad.
  • Services rendered by chanber at the account of membership fees (without additional payment)
    Provision of information to Chamber members about business offers;
  • participation in the negotiations, conference, seminars, workshops organized by chamber on the issues on establishing cooperation with the foreign delegations visiting Turkmenistan with the right of free entrance to exhibitions, seminars organized by chamber provided to members;
  • verbal consulting on conclusion of trade contracts, establishment of joint ventures, searching for business partners;
    participation of chamber staff in negotiations with foreign partners at the request of local businesses;
  • provision of information about international exhibitions in Turkmenistan and abroad via information channels of chamber;
    monthly circulation of commercial offers;
  • consulting on goods expertise;
  • information issue on commercial offers by local businessmen and entrepreneurship structure in the monthly edition;
  • establishment of direct trade, industrial, scientific-technical relations of chamber members with businessmen, organizations and companies of other countries;
  • introduction of offers on sending abroad the chamber members within the delegations participating at the exhibitions, fairs, conferences, congresses and etc;
  • circulation of information about economy and external trade of CIS countries, other foreign countries, chambers activity, companies, associations, unions, concerns, international foreign economic and other organizations.
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