Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established to promote Turkmenistan's economic development, it's integration with the international economic system, the formation of a modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructure, the establishment of favourable conditions for business, harmony of relations between enterpreneurs and their partners.

Turkmenistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry carries out the following major tasks:

  • protects the interests of it's members in Turkmenistan and abroad, dealing with economic and foreign economic activities;
  • promotes the development of the competitive goods output, use the possibilities to attract foreign technologies, investments and establishment of joint enterprises and other form of cooperation;современных, новейших технологий, инвестиций, 
  • promotes development the enterpreneurship activity, provides training of update instruments to carry business, and study-tours to other Chambers;
  • promotes the export of goods and services, provides a practical assistance to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry members to generate transactions in foreign markets and assimilate new ways of cooperation;
  • informs members about world prices on goods and services rendered, collects commercial information;
  • issues information and advertising and metodical materials,
  • keeps Registry of Members and certifies their financial and economic state;
  • provides advising services, search of partners, information services on foreign economic activities and legislation issues,
  • invites and exepts foreign trade and economic delegations, missions as well as the representatives of business groups,
  • sends its representatives abroad;
  • hosts meetings, conferences, business-forums and congresses;
  • carries out data processing and submits information on Chambers' activities abroad, running fairs and exhibitions, conferences;
  • arranges and holds international and national exhibitions and fairs in Turkmenistan and abroad, certifies the origin of goods' in Turkmenistan and signatures of legal entities;
  • provides assistance to trade missions and businessmen in seaching partners in establishing business relationship;
  • renderes services deeling with commercial activities, establishes and develops relations with Chambers of other countries;
  • fulfils the orders on translation of economic, scientific - technical and other papers.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry authorities:

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Congress
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman

Membership: voluntary: The full members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry are: ministries, departments, banks, enterprises, organisations, entrepreneurs, foreign companies, joint ventures.

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