International exhibitions and conferences being held in the Prosperous epoch of Powerful state further increases in number. It creates all necessary conditions for Turkmen experts to exchange ideas with their foreign colleagues and expand scope of cooperation. It also enables increase in exports.


New building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry features all opportunities to arrange all efforts in highly organized manner. It presents all amenities to receive high-profile guests, and to organize exhibitions and conferences. You can profoundly understand these sayings while being introduced with the sections of the newly-built edifice designed for exhibitions, conferences and banquets.

There are plenty of opportunities to organize exhibitions inside and outside the exhibition hall. Outdoor exhibition zone within territory of the building holds 10 000 square meters. Exhibition hall has 8 260 (118m*70 m) square meters area and 13 meters height. It allows to simultaneously holding exhibitions and 600-seat banquets as well as summits in participation of 80 state executives and 1600 people. It is also possible to organize 1000-seat banquet, fashion show or concert.