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26.08.2019. Turkmen – Singapore business forum is to be held in Singapore under the state visit of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the Republic of Singapore.
Meeting of representatives of business circles of two countries is to become a starting event for taking of trade and economic partnership contact to new level, for opening of new points of consolidation of efforts.
The meeting of the conference hall of Shangri La Hotel was forestalled by the exhibition of export goods of our country. It presented the production of textile industry, yarn, fabrics and readymade sewing production including jeans, bright gift bedding, kitchen and bath sets, silk items and ornamented carpets.

26.08.2019. Turkmen – Singapore business forum, which was timed to the visit of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to this country, started working in Singapore.
More than 40 big companies of Singapore took part in business meeting in the conference hall of Shangri-La Hotel. Specialization of the companies is rather broad. This is production of equipment for oil and gas, chemical, energy, agricultural and food production spheres, construction industry, shipbuilding, transport and communication sphere, trade, banking business, development of software, engineering and other.
Turkmenistan was represented by the heads and specialists of different ministries and departments and members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

International Exhibition Türkmengurluşyk-2019 as well as conference on Development of Construction Sphere of Turkmenistan will be held on August 29 – 31. Participation of 140 local and foreign companies, establishments and facilities, entrepreneurs and businessmen from Russian Federation, France, Germany, Austria, PRC, Turkey, the Republic of Korea and other countries is expected in coming events.
Large-scale review will reflect the main directions of development of construction industry, its achievements and huge potential. The exhibition hall of the capital will give an opportunity to representatives of all structures involved in this section of economy to study advanced practice and to establish cooperation with foreign partners. At the same time, the main emphasis will be laid upon the production of new types of local production and its promotion in international market.
The agenda of the conference will include current objectives of improvement of construction and architecture spheres as well as discussions of perspectives of the industry and implementation of digital systems in this section of economy.


Turkmen – Singapore business forum and exhibition of export production of our country are to be held under the state visit of the Governmental delegation of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Singapore.
Singapore manufacturers of equipment for petroleum, chemical, energy, agricultural and food industry, representatives of construction companies and producers of construction materials, equipment, ship building companies and organizations working in transport, communication, trade and banking spheres, in the field of software development and engineering will take part in the work of business forum.
Turkmenistan will be represented by the heads and specialists of different ministries and departments as well as by the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
During the forum, Singapore side will be introduced with economic development, trade and investment policy of Turkmenistan. It is planned to discuss the transfer to digital economy in communication, industry, transport and logistic spheres, to study the opportunity of establishment of cooperation between the businessmen of two countries as well as to invite Singapore businessmen to participate in investment projects in our country. Bilateral meetings and consultations will also be organized.


13.08.2019.  Turkmenistan becomes a place of big international events that have global significance. Often, it becomes a starting point of fundamentally new tendencies in the world politics, stimulates serious negotiation processes, provide foundations of interstate relations. 

This time, our country has embarked a mission to organize and conduct big representative forum on pending and current issues for many states, which solution requires comprehensive, well-thought and coordinated approach, details verification of positions and views on the future – the future of Caspian region. 

The importance of the I Caspian Forum is yet to be appreciated. The discussions held these August days, reached agreements will gain their scale and energy of actions by their deep understanding and bringing to practice. Nevertheless, it can be stated without a doubt that the Forum has become a historical event not only for five countries of Caspian Sea basin.

The fact that many other countries both neighbouring with the states of Caspian Sea as well as quite far from geographic point of view, however, which have their economic interests in this place, show their intent to participate in the forum indicates growing geopolitical and economic potential of this region. 

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