24.07.2019. As reported, in frames of the extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers that focused on the results achieved in the first six months of the year, the President of Turkmenistan granted vacation to the government officials on July 15 - August 15. Within this period, the heads of ministries and sectoral departments have the opportunity to have rest and improve their health in sanatoriums and resort centres.
While on leave, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the principle of the efficient time management. As reported, during his leave, the President of Turkmenistan completed the next volume of the scientific work “Medical Plants of Turkmenistan”.
Today, on the eve of the announcement of an international tender for the implementation of a new stage of development of the Turkmen capital, the President inspected the projects for the further development of Ashgabat using digital technologies, and gave the relevant recommendations in this regard.
We are talking about the implementation of an architectural mega-project - Ashgabat-City. In frames of the project, it is planned to build a large complex of social, administrative and other facilities, all the necessary infrastructure. The projects of the new “city in the city” reflect the best traditions of the national architecture and the advanced trends of the world urban planning as well as an innovative approach embodied in the very concept of the project.
Ashgabat Khyakim presented the projects, their original features and the means that will be used in the construction. In particular, the detailed information about passenger transport stops in Ashgabat-City was presented. The exterior of the stops reflects the characteristic features of world-renowned historical and cultural monuments, the classic examples of the national architecture that vividly testify to the significant contribution of the Turkmen people to the development of the world civilization.
As for public transport stops, which will be located along the highways of the new “city in the city”, the first one is in the form of “Ak öý” (White Yurt).
According to the project, the exterior of the second stop reflects the motifs of the legendary Nisa, the residence of the Parthian kings, which according to historical data was also the cultural and commercial centre of the region. As is known, Ancient Nisa is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The next stop is made in the form of another outstanding example of the Turkmen architecture - the mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar - the famous monument recognized as the "pearl" of medieval architecture of the East.
One of the important points of the Great Silk Road, which ran through the territory of Turkmenistan, was the city of Amul with its magnificent caravanserais, colorful crowded bazaars. The project of a stop, the architectural solution of which reflects the architectural look of the city of Amul, was also presented to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov,
In different periods of history, the Turkmen people founded powerful states and built magnificent cities. Among them is Kunya-Urgench that along with the legendary Nisa and Merv is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A public transport stop, the design of which will reflect the image of Kunya-Urgench with its unique architectural monuments, will be also built in Ashgabat-City.
According to the President of Turkmenistan, the issues related to the architectural embodiment and engineering support of the objects to be built in Ashgabat-City are of particular importance in the implementation of the outlined plans. In general, approving the presented projects, the Turkmen leader gave a number of comments and remarks.
The President of Turkmenistan emphasized the importance of using the materials that meet the natural and climatic conditions of our country in the construction of new stops. The infrastructural facilities to be erected in the new city should satisfy the scientific and technological requirements of the present time.
The President underlined that the stops should be supplied with high-tech equipment, allowing passengers to receive detailed information about the route, timetable, and arrival time of public transport and gave a number of specific instructions in this regard.
The President noted that favorable microclimate should be created at the stops at any time of the year for the people waiting for transport.
The President of Turkmenistan focused on the importance to regularly involve students from specialized universities in the preparation and implementation of architectural projects in order to stimulate creative thought, develop original ideas.
The President of Turkmenistan also suggested to demonstrate this large-scale project at the International Exhibition, which will be held in frames of the upcoming First Caspian Economic Forum in August, and gave specific instructions to the Ashgabat Khyakim in this regard. The head of Turkmenistan once again underlined that all materials and tools that will be used in the construction of new facilities should fully satisfy the modern requirements, including in terms of ecology and design.
Wishing all the success in implementing the programme of the social and economic development of Ashgabat, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov left the venue.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

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