04.05.2017. Having announced the agenda, President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov listened to the detailed reports of the leaders of security departments who informed him on the fulfilment of previous assignments.

First, the floor was given to Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence Ya. Berdiyev who reported on the progress of military reform aimed at consolidation of the power of national army, increase of defensive capabilities of the country and further improvement of the activity of military and law enforcement agencies.

Having noted that consolidation of all kind of the Armed Forces of the country, establishment of favourable conditions for service, improvement of social and living conditions of military personnel and their families are the key provisions of large-scale reform in military sphere, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that the Government would continue paying utmost attention to improvement of national army that is a reliable protection of peaceful and prosperous life of our people, state sovereignty and security of Turkmenistan.

After, the Head of the State Border Guard Service B. Gundogdiyev reported on the situation on the state border of Turkmenistan.

Highlighting exclusive importance of protection of water and land border, the Supreme Commander noted that support of the status of State Border of Turkmenistan as a border of peace and friendship is one of the most responsible missions of the personnel of the Service. In this relation, the Leader of the Nation mentioned that measures for further improvement of the Service activity and for modernization of its facilities and equipment base have to be systematic. Minister of Internal Affairs I. Mulikov reported on the work for prevention of crimes and support of public order for the period under review. Measures developed on the threshold of fire hazardous summer season to prevent spontaneous fire were separate subject of the report.

Noting important role of the MIA, which undertakes monitoring of legal rights and freedoms of the citizens, the Head of the State emphasized that activity of this department and all its branches must comprehensively correspond to the time demands. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave number of specific assignments to the leaders of the ministry related to improvement of undertaken measures for fire prevention and traffic control.

It was highlighted that the work for elimination of bad habits and propaganda of healthy life style has to be improved and at the same time representative of public health system, local administrations, public organizations and the elders have to join this work.

Having noted the facts of exposure of individuals abusing their position, accepting bribes and allowing breach of national legislation among the personnel of the MIA, the Head of the State made strict reprimand to Minister of Internal Affairs I. Mulikov for improper servicing of his duties and lack of discipline among the personnel of his department.

After, the floor was given to General Prosecutor A. Halliyev who made report for January – April of the current year.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces noted the necessity of strict adherence to the law by prosecution personnel as well as strengthening of disciplinary order in all supervised structure by strict suppression of bribery and corruption.

- Today, we are discussing the subject of unpleasant for all of us cases of bribery and corruption among the personnel of law enforcement agencies, whose duty is to counteract against any illegal activities and infringement on people’s values, - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted speaking to the members of the State Security Council.

In my inauguration speech as well as in others, I always used to say that despite the occupied positions, such activities would be severely suppressed and we would demand honest and strict observance of professional duties of the Government employees and, first of all, the personnel of law enforcement agencies, - the Head of the State said, having highlighted that the interests of our independent neutral Motherland have to be above all for everybody.

In this relation, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces announced on his decision to release number of prosecution and internal affairs personnel from the duties for the misdemeanours not compatible with high title of law enforcement employees.

Having assigned Chairman of the Supreme Court B. Chariyev to study in details these cases, the Head of the State made special mention that corruption and bribery are not to be tolerated in our country and warn one more time all the participants on strict suppression of such illegal activities by the Government personnel regardless of their designations.

Speaking to A. Halliyev, who could not take appropriate measures in time toward corrupted subordinates, the President of Turkmenistan informed that he submits the proposal to the Mejlis on approval for release of the General Prosecutor from his position.

President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the Resolution on assignment of Deputy General Prosecutor, Head of the General Department, Counsellor of Justice B. Gulov as acting General Prosecutor of Turkmenistan. The Leader of the Nation wished him success in such responsible and important matter as strict implementation of national legislation and eradication of the corruption.

In accordance with Article 16 of the Law of Turkmenistan “On Prosecution Institution of Turkmenistan”, The Head of the State signed the Decrees and Resolutions on appointment and release of the duties of number of prosecutors.

Chairman of the Supreme Court B. Chariyev informed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the results of work and measures undertaken for further improvement of judicial system and legal procedure of the country for four months of the current year.

Mentioning the importance of measures undertaken for improvement of the activity of this structure, the Head of the State pointed at the necessity of activation of the work for fulfilment of the objectives followed from the legal reform that undergoes in the country.

Minister of National Security D. Bayramov reported on different work for support of social and public stability in the country and provision of national security, which is the most important factor of strengthening of the state and efficient solution of all objectives of modern Turkmen society for special and economic development, undertaken from the beginning of the year.

Having mentioned great importance of the activity of the Ministry in provision of peace and general stability, Leader of the Nation Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that protection of stability inside the country is a guarantee of successful and dynamic development.

After, Chairman of the State Custom Service M. Chakiyev reported on the work undertaken for the reviewed period, in particular on specific measures for provision of thorough inspection of cargoes crossing the border, modernization of equipment and facilities base of the Service and its provision with modern equipment.

New trade routes across Turkmenistan, increased number of international events in our country, tourists and businessmen lead to the growth of number of transport vehicles, cargos and passenger traffic crossing custom border, - the Head of Turkmenistan stated.

Having noted with delight ever growing interest of the world’s community to Turkmenistan, the President dwelt on urgent issues of the Service and gave concrete assignments for their fast execution.

After, the floor was given to Chairman of the State Migration Service M. Nobatov, who reported on the outcomes of work of structural divisions of the department for January - April 2017.

Having focused the attention on improvement of activities of this Service, the Head of the State noted that its personnel have to fulfil their duties with full responsibility under the intensification of international cooperation and to promote successful realization of migration policy of Turkmenistan and further improvement of the authority of the Motherland.

Minister of Justice B. Muhamedov gave report on the outcomes of the activity of the ministry under his supervision for four months of the current year.

Highlighting the role of the ministry in successful implementation of the reforms expanded in Turkmenistan, the Head of the State pointed at the necessity of regular work for qualified legal assistance to the population and improvement of its legal education.

Generally, noting the scale of work for transformation of all spheres of the State life, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed the attention of the members of the State Security Council on number of topical issues, which solution would directly affect further development of the country. In particular, the Head of the State demanded to pay special attention to patriotic education of military and law enforcement agencies personnel, improvement of their professionalism and combat skills as well as to intensify the work for protection of public order, consolidation of peace and stability in the region. In this context, the President of Turkmenistan made special mention of the importance of complex preparation of security agencies to the coming V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat this autumn, having highlighted that numerous foreign guests would arrive for this largest sport event.

Speaking to the members of the State Security council, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted again that our country would always carry on uncompromised struggle against corruption and bribery and implement strict measures to all who would be exposed despite their place of work and position.

Addressing the members of the State Security Council, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country highlighted that guided by the Military defensive doctrine, the facilities and equipment base of military and law enforcement agencies is steadily improved. Great care is rendered to military personnel and members of their families. Large work for improvement of their prosperity, social and living conditions for their comprehensive rest, selfless work and honest service to the Motherland, achieving great successes in their work, is carried out.

Having assured that all works undertaken in this direction would be continued and the Government would always care of the Motherland defenders, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished the members of the State Security Council strong health, happiness, prosperity and new successes in their responsible work and service.

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