28.04.2017. During the joint session of the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Security Council, priority tasks of the state politics and draft documents were reviewed.

Information was provided on the results of monitoring of law observance by entities carrying out entrepreneurial activity; proposals were presented for making consequential amendments to the Code of Turkmenistan on Administrative Offences and developing several statutory instruments aimed to improve the work of the private sector.

Reports covering the state of affairs in the fuel and energy complex; ongoing works targeted at improving regulatory documents related to supplying natural gas to the people, enterprises and organizations were presented.

The head of state gave several instructions on implementing modern energy efficient technology in the production industry and social sphere, and introducing fuel accounting systems to track consumption in conformity with international standards.

It was reported that seabed and coast surveys were performed, and the scope of construction and installation works was defined for the project of the new seaport in the city of Garabogaz of Balkan province. This facility will be built as part of implementation of the large-scale project for the construction of the plant that is expected to produce 1 million 155 thousand tons of carbamide annually. It is planned to export its produce by sea. The future port’s handling capacity will be 3 thousand 500 tons of outbound cargo daily.

The head of state was presented the samples of textile products bearing the symbols of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Information was provided regarding the works on preparing the symbols of Asiada–2017 that will decorate the means of transport including aircrafts that will carry the participants and guests of the event.

Following the report on construction, repair and maintenance of motor roads, the head of state instructed to enhance control over the progress of construction and repair of the highway network that must comply with the international standards and safety requirements.

The national leader was informed on preparation for the 6th session of the heads of foreign ministries of the member states of “Central Asia + Japan” dialog to be held on 1 may in Ashgabat.

The report was submitted on preparation for the International Exhibition of Household Goods on 2-4 May and the Turkmenistan–Palestine Business Forum scheduled for the 4th May. The national leader was informed of the events held in the capital and provinces of the country on the occasion of the Turkmen Horse Day, and the program of festivities scheduled for May to celebrate national holidays and important dates. It was also reported that preparation was underway for the 20th Conference of the Humanitarian Association of Turkmens of the World that will be held on 16 May in Ashgabat.

The information was presented on important findings of the spring season of archaeological surveys at the medieval monument, the Dandanakan Fortress. Among them are the figure of the Turkmen alabai dog and discoveries that serve as evidence that metalwork flourished in the Seljuk state.

It was also reported that construction and installation works were fully completed, and marble cladding works and equipment installation are underway at the construction site of the group of buildings of the Institute for 2 thousand students. In 2017-2018 academic year, the training of specialists for the industry will begin at the Institute of Communal Services.

The head of state was informed on preparation of several draft instruments regulating administrative proceedings; legal norms; consumer societies; free economic zones; sponsorships; charity; museums and museum activities; environmental safety; cotton cultivation; consular services etc.

The information covering the situation in the capital and provinces was also provided at the session. The President of Turkmenistan signed the Decree on Production of Sugar Beet in 2017 in Turkmenistan and gave several instructions regarding its execution.

Then, members of the State Security Council, heads of military and law enforcement agencies of the country, presented reports on their activity. The information covered the situation in the security agencies, and execution of instructions previously given by the head of state.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

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