One day, wandering by country, Hing Shi came into one city when that day there gathered the best master of painting and arranged with each other competition on the title of the best artist of China. Many skilled craftsmen took part in this competition, many beautiful pictures presented they eyes strict judges. Contest has suited to the end, when the judges suddenly turned out to confused. They had to choose the best of the two remaining paintings. They were confused, because they didn't find errors niether in one or in the second painting. Hing Shi, watching what was happening, understand their difficulties and left the crowd, offering his help.Recognizing the famous sage in the old man, judges happily agreed. Then Hing Shi came to the artists and said,
- Masters, your pictures are perfect, but must i must admit i do not see any flaws, as well as the judges, so I ask you honestly and truely to evaluate your work, and then call me their weaknesses. After a long inspection of their paintings, the first artist frankly recognized:
- Teacher, no matter how look at the picture, I can't find it flaws. The second artist stood in silence.
- You also do not see flaws?, - asked Hing Shi.

Short story on the work and experience: young, recently appointed manager of the IBM company, guide caused on the carpet. He made a deal on which the company has lost 10m dollars. When the employee understand his error, it was already too late, money sailed away. Going in the office, and feeling guilt, he does not wait for till his boss would say something, said:
- I understand that you are entitled me to fire, and, recognizing the guilt, accept your decision.
- Fire? - the boss asked - we have just spent 10m on the your education and we cannot lose such valuable employees.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

- Teacher, why you do not give me more tasks, while others are have almost new tasks every day? - a student asked his teachers.
- I will reply to you, but not now. Now let's have a lunch. Student agreed, even more so that he was hungry.
- Let me feed you? It seemed strange to student, however, he agreed, thinking that so teacher shows his attention. The teacher scored in the spoon tasty, aromatic and juicy pilaf and brought it to the mouth of the student that he began to eat with appetite. He wanted to close his eyes and to praise the ability of the cook, but as soon as he opened his mouth wanting to say: "Wai, Wai what it's miracle" as the next spoon was in his mouth. He began to chew, but not having swallowed, his mouth filled with another spoon of magnificent dish. He chewed faster and faster and, despite this, spoon with pilaf increasingly provided his mouth with even more amount of food. Finally student does not stand and exclaimed with a full mouth:

This parable is based on real events, such a case had a place in the real life: when the future mathematician George Dantzig was still a student, with him happened next story.

George treated learning very seriously and often sat too late at night. Once he fell asleep and came to a lecture of professor Neumann 20-minute late.

The student quickly rewrote two problems from the board, believing that this is a homework. Task was difficult, it took a few days to find decision, he brought the decision to professor.

The professor said nothing, but after a few weeks broke into the house of George at 6 a.m. It turned out that the student found the right decision to two insoluble tasks of mathematics, what even not suspected, since the late on the occupation and not heard the preamble to the problems on the board.

For a few days he was able to decide not one but two tasks over which mathematics could not decide for hundred years, and even Einstein was unable to find the solution. George was not limited to the glory of these tasks like insoluble, he just didn't know that it was impossible.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

A group of graduates of a prestigious university, successful, who made a remarkable career, came to visit their old professor. During the visit, the conversation turned to work: graduates complained of numerous difficulties and life problems.
Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a coffee pot and a tray, filled with a variety of cups: porcelain, glass, plastic, crystal. Some were simple, others expensive.
When the graduates dismantled the cups, the professor said:
- Please note that all the beautiful cups were dismantled, while the simple and cheap ones were left. And although it is normal for you - to want only the best for yourself, but this is the source of your problems and stresses. Understand that the cup itself does not make coffee better. Most often it's just more expensive, but sometimes it even hides what we drink. In fact, all you wanted was just coffee, not a cup. But you deliberately chose the best cups, and then examined which cup you got.
And now think: life is coffee, and work, money, position, society are cups.
These are just tools for maintaining and maintaining life. The fact that we have a cup does not determine and does not change the quality of our life. Sometimes, concentrating only on a cup, we forget to enjoy the taste of the coffee itself.
The happiest people are not those who have the best, but those who extract the best from what they have.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

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