Passenger bus terminals equipped with new, modern technologies will appear in the velayat centers of Turkmenistan.
The project of the Muhammet-Balkan Economic Society won the international tender for the construction of bus terminals, announced by the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan.
The new passenger bus terminals will appear in the Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary velayats of the country.
Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Industry and Communication plans to finance the construction of the facilities on a shared basis with Muhammet-Balkan Economic Society.
Muhammet-Balkan Economic Society, established in 2014, has gained relevant experience by building an International Passenger Bus Terminal in the northern Ashgabat.

Over two thousand industrial and social facilities with a total contractual value of about $35 billion are currently under construction in Turkmenistan.
Over two thousand industrial and social facilities with a total contractual value of about $35 billion are currently under construction in Turkmenistan.
President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held the final joint meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Security Council of this year. Hyakims (governors) of Ashgabat and velayats also attended the meeting.
During the meeting, the Head of State briefly summed up the economic indicators of 2019, including indicators in construction sphere. Turkmen Leader said the construction of various facilities worth about $35 billion is currently underway in Turkmenistan and added that «to date, 66 major facilities with a total cost of more than $5 billion have already been commissioned.»
During the meeting, Turkmen President signed the Decree on the shifting of the weekend on December 29 to the December 31 date, and also approved and announced «Turkmenistan-the homeland of Neutrality» as the motto of 2020 year.

«Türkmen-Mahabat» hususy kärhanasynyň mozaika panelleri Aşgabady ösdürmegiň 16-njy tapgyryndaky ýaşaýyş jaýlaryň diwarlaryny bezeýär. Ýerli kompaniýalar tarapyndan Taslama we Tähran köçeleriniň ugrunda gurulýan ýaşaýyş jaý toplumynda 16 sany köpgatly binalaryň gapdal böleginde türkmen nakgaşlarynyň taýýarlan nusgalaryna laýyklykda bezeg işleri amala aşyrylýar.
10 metrlik panellere berk, reňkli aýnalardan taýýarlanylan 2,5x2,5 santimetrlik mozaika modullary ýerleşdiriler. Her panel 481 müň bölejikden ybarat bolup, olar şekili takyk bermäge mümkinçilik döredýär.
Daşky bezeg boýunça hünärmenler eýýäm jaýlaryň sekiz sanysynyň diwarlaryna mozaika panelleri ýerleşdirdiler.
Komposizýon modullar «Türkmen-Mahabat» kompaniýasynyň geçen ýyl Ahal welaýatynyň Ak bugdaý etrabynda guran profil zawodynda öndürilýär.
Zawodda aýna listlerinden mozaikalaryň önümçiligi amala aşyrylyp, bu önümler ýadygärlikleriň ýokary hilli bolmagyny üpjün edýär. Mozaikalar owadanlygy bilen çäklenmän, şeýle hem dürli derejedäki howanyň ýagdaýyna çydamlylygy bilen tapawutlanýar.
«Türkmen Mahabat» kärhanasynyň hünärmenleri hakyky daşlary ýadyňa salýan 3D panelli bezeg gipsleri we sement plitalary hem öndürýär.
Hususy kärhana Aşgabat şäherinde, «Täze zaman» ýaşaýyş jaý toplumynda 100-den gowrak jaýlaryň gapdallarynda gurnama işlerini ýerine ýetirdi. Şu ýylyň noýabr aýynda kärhananyň döredilmegine bäş ýyl dolýar.
«Türkmen-Mahabat» Ahal welaýatynyň täze dolandyryş merkeziniň gurluşygyna gatnaşmagy hem meýilleşdirýär.

Mosaic panels of Türkmen-Mahabat private enterprise will adorn the walls of multi-storey buildings that are being erected as part of the 16th phase of Ashgabat's development. At the end sides of 16 high-rise residential buildings between Taslama and Tehran streets, which are being built by local companies, decoration works are being carried out according to sketches of Turkmen artists.
The company will place mosaic modules of colored glass measuring 2.5 x 2.5 centimeters on 10-meter panels. Each panel can contain 481 thousand such fragments, which allows conveying the overall picture in detail.
The exterior decoration specialists have already painted panels on the walls of eight high-rise buildings.
Türkmen-Mahabat’s profile factory, which was commissioned last year in the Ak Bugday etrap of Ahal velayat, produces the composition modules.
The technology for the production of mosaic fragments at the plant allows for the high quality of monumental compositions. In addition to aesthetic advantages, mosaic panels are resistant to external factors.
The specialists of the Türkmen-Mahabat enterprise are also producing decorative facade gypsum and cement slabs, 3D panels that are imitating natural stone.
The enterprise participated in the reconstruction of the facades of more than a hundred residential buildings in Ashgabat and the Täze Zaman village. In November of this year, the company will celebrate its fifth anniversary.
Türkmen-Mahabat plans to take part in the construction of the new administrative center of the Ahal vealayat in near future.

The ridesharing company Uber announced Monday that it was creating Uber Money, a new division to handle its financial services business.
Instead of waiting for weekly payments or cashing out through Instant Pay, drivers and couriers will have real-time access to their earnings after every trip through the Uber Debit account, according to Peter Hazlehurst, who heads the new Uber Money division.
“For drivers in the US, and expanding to more countries soon after, we are updating the no-monthly-fee Uber Debit Account, powered by Green Dot, to integrate seamlessly into the Uber Driver app, ” Hazlehurst adds. “We also want to make every dollar earned on Uber go further, which is why the refreshed Uber Debit Card will launch with cash back on gas starting at 3% and up to 6% for the highest tier of Uber Pro drivers.”
Uber also unveiled the plans to launch digital wallet called Uber Wallet that riders and drivers can use to store dollars, track their transaction history and make electronic payments. “The Uber Wallet will start rolling out in the Uber Driver app in the coming weeks, and will soon start rolling out in the Uber and Uber Eats apps as well,” Hazlehurst said regarding the new digital wallet.
For riders, Uber’s credit card, a joint product with Barclays, will be reintroduced with richer rewards for payments within Uber’s transportation and food delivery services.

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