Once the mouse was about to steal a camel bridle, deciding that if she put it on herself, she would immediately become a camel. She grabbed a bridle in her teeth and ran, and a camel run behind her.
"You see, we are equal in everything, and you even run behind me," squeaked the mouse.
The camel did not answer to her, but thought to himself: " You will not be proud of your equality with me For a long time." And indeed, the river was soon blocked by the river.
"Why did you stop?" Did you really get frightened by this barrier? Asked the camel.
"But this river is bottomless, and its second shore is not even visible!" Said the mouse.
- We should check its depth! - said the camel and went into the water. "You see, this river, even though it's noisy and foaming, but it's shallow, just knee-deep!"
"You forgot that we have knees of different heights with you!" Squeaked the mouse. "We live with you under different laws. And wherever you are knee-deep, there will be a few more elbows of water on top of my head!
"Then take away your pride and do not go on like this." Fight with those who are equal to you, or you will be lost from your own schemes, "the camel taught her.
"Yes, I've failed," the mouse admitted, "but now without your help, O King of the Desert, I can not get out of here, and I'll die in the waves!"
"Well," said the camel, replacing anger with mercy, "sit on your hump and I'll carry you." I can easily transfer a thousand like you!

Translator Maral Amanova.

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