One day, wandering by country, Hing Shi came into one city when that day there gathered the best master of painting and arranged with each other competition on the title of the best artist of China. Many skilled craftsmen took part in this competition, many beautiful pictures presented they eyes strict judges. Contest has suited to the end, when the judges suddenly turned out to confused. They had to choose the best of the two remaining paintings. They were confused, because they didn't find errors niether in one or in the second painting. Hing Shi, watching what was happening, understand their difficulties and left the crowd, offering his help.Recognizing the famous sage in the old man, judges happily agreed. Then Hing Shi came to the artists and said,
- Masters, your pictures are perfect, but must i must admit i do not see any flaws, as well as the judges, so I ask you honestly and truely to evaluate your work, and then call me their weaknesses. After a long inspection of their paintings, the first artist frankly recognized:
- Teacher, no matter how look at the picture, I can't find it flaws. The second artist stood in silence.
- You also do not see flaws?, - asked Hing Shi.
- No, I am just not sure from which of these flaws should i start - honestly replied embarrassed artist.
- You won in competition - said smile, Hing Shi. - But why, - exclaimed the first artist - after all, even I do not found any errors in my work! How could win the one who found them in their work?
- The one who can't find flaws in his work has reached the limit of his talent. The master, who notices flaws where others didn't find anything, can develop more. How could I award the one who has completed his way, reached the same as the one who continues his way?- replied Hing Shi.

The translater is Maral Amanova.