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Services provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan


  • services in foreign economic activity;
  • registration of cargo customs declarations;
  • certificates of origin of goods issuance;
  • preparation of shipping documents;
  • examination of the quantity, quality, completeness and technical condition of goods, containers, packaging and labeling;
  • control of the safety of goods during loading and unloading;
  • determination of the product code by product nomenclature;
  • translation and certification of all types of documentation from foreign languages ​​and into foreign languages;
  • search for potential partners for export-import operations, creation of joint ventures, cooperation relations;
  • organization of economic missions, visits, business negotiations;
  • advertising investment projects to attract foreign capital;
  • consulting on  business education, professional development of specialists, professional retraining, participation in courses held in Turkmenistan and abroad;
  • informing about the foreign  commercial offers ;
  • participation in negotiations, conferences and seminars on trade and economic cooperation organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with delegations of foreign states and foreign companies;
  • oralconsultation on the conclusion of trade contacts, the creation of joint ventures, the search for business partners, etc.;
  • participation of specialists of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in negotiations with foreign partners, at the request of domestic enterprises;
  • providing of information about international foreign exhibitions in Turkmenistan and abroad through the information channels of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • distribution of the monthly release of commercial offers;
  • consulting on the examination of goods;
  • publication of information about commercial offers of enterprises and entrepreneurial structures in the monthly issue of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • establishment of direct trade, production, scientific and technical relations of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with enterprises, organizations and companies of other countries;
  • making proposals for sending members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry abroad as part of Trade- economic and other delegations to fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conferences and other events;
Exhibition and Fair Activity
  • organization and holding of international, national, specialized exhibitions, fairs, seminars, conferences, presentations in Turkmenistan and abroad;
  • organization of participation of national expositions of Turkmenistan and Turkmen enterprises and entrepreneurs in international exhibitions and fairs in other countries;
  • assistance to exhibitors in customs clearance of exhibition cargo, exhibits, advertising consumables;
  • providing  visa invitations for foreign citizens to participate in exhibition and fair events, conferences, forums, seminars, symposia;
  • construction  of the  exhibition booth.
  • Legislative and normative  acts of Turkmenistan and other countries;
  • preparation of drafts of export-import contracts and agreements;
  • examination of contracts;
  • development of constituent documents and assistance in registration of enterprises;
  • consulting on the opening of representative offices of foreign legal entities on the territory of Turkmenistan;
  • advising on civil, tax, currency and customs legislation;
  • Verification of force majeure.