Development of small and medium-sized businesses in the National program "Strategy of economic, political and cultural development of Turkmenistan until 2030" is declared as one of the priority directions of development of the national economy. In order to make the state support of the private business sector in 2011 systematic the State adopted program of supporting small and medium-sized businesses in Turkmenistan in 2011 - 2015.
The main documents regulating the entrepreneurial activity in Turkmenistan are the following laws: "Tax Code", "Civil Code", "Entrepreneurial activity in Turkmenistan", " State Support of Small and Medium Enterprises", " Enterprises", " Joint-Stock Companies ";" Leasing "," Free enterprise economic zone "," Lease and lease relations "," Agriculture economy "," Licensing of certain activities "," Land Code "," Appraisal activity ".
The basic law defining the general principles of entrepreneurial activity is the Law of Turkmenistan about "Entrepreneurial Activity", adopted on 12 November 1991, as amended and supplemented.
According to the Law of Turkmenistan " State Support of Small and Medium Enterprises", dated 5 August 2009, the State undertakes to provide small and medium businesses, "a comprehensive, publicly accessible, open support" to provide "guarantees of freedom of entrepreneurial activity, as well as guarantees for the protection of property rights of small and medium-sized businesses. " The law defines the criteria for the relations of business entities to categories of "small" and "medium-sized” businesses. According to the law of small entrepreneurial legal entities may be companies with an average number of employees up to 25 or 50 people, depending on the industry average - the maximum number of enterprises with 100 or 200 people and depending on the industry.

Correctly written business plan is not only the key for investment opportunities, but also a guarantee that your business will grow successfully. Basic tips for drawing up the plan are only two. Do not attempt to download a ready-made business plan on the Internet: Use ready-made templates, but think about and write everything yourself.
A well-written business plan has three important tasks. First, it denotes common purpose. Second, when thoughts put down on paper, it has the opportunity to look closely and reflect on the feasibility of the project. Finally, the business plan should attract professional investors who only have time to skim the proposed their projects.

Creating a clear business plan requires time and money. You can order it to companies specializing in the writing of business plans. At the same time most businesses receive from the consultants the pages 30-40document, which does not disclose even the most basic questions: what does the company and where the profit is taken.
Investors are unlikely to like such business plan. If after reading the first few lines the essence of the business plan remains unclear, it is a bad sign. It is not only a coherent concept. The competitive advantage of this project in their field should be explained in few sentences because the investor needs to know exactly how you're going to be successful.
In the effective business plan there must be is the value of the project, why people should pay for the product or service, how much money they will need to start, what are the possibilities of growth, what are the risks and how the entrepreneur plans to deal with them, who are the competitors, who partners, who are members of the team.

1. Application form
2. The decision on the opening of the company founder, the approval of the statute, the appointment of directors, the authorized capital, legal address, registration.
3. Charter in 2 copies.
4. Personal page, copy of passport, copy of the employment record of the founder, director with photos
5. Confirmation of the authorized capital of 50% (1250 manats 100% minimum statutory fund, certificate from the bank or the auditor's report)
6. Written confirmation of legal address - the lease agreement or intentions (+ copy of an extract USRLE and lessor charter)
7. Information about the name
8. Registration fee 200 manat (Alyjy: Türkmenistanyň Maliýe ministrligi Hasaplaşyk hasaby: 23,101,934,110 100,400,002,000 Salgyt kody: 101161002622 Türkmenistanyň merkezi Banky MFO: 390101101)
9. Help with statistics on the formulation of activities (according to the State classifier of economic activities of Turkmenistan)
10. The power of attorney (representative of documents)
11. The documents annexed to the folder.
After obtaining a temporary discharge
1. Reference of hakimlik confirming the legal address.

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