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03.10.2018. International conference HEAVY CASPIAN: TURKMENISTAN, where topical issues of development of the world market of transport and logistic services was discussed, has been completed in Avaza National tourist zone.

Having brought together more than hundred representatives of professional community from different countries, national and international associations, transport, logistic, forwarding, trade and consulting companies from Turkmenistan, Russia, Austria, Belgium, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Iran, Luxembourg, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, the forum demonstrated high interest of business circles of the world in consolidation of cooperation with Turkmenistan and allowed outlining new directions and formats of collaboration.

Potential of transport infrastructure of Turkmenistan, special details of delivery of over-sized and heavy cargoes by different modes of transport, their transit to other states of Central Asia via the territory of our country were among the main subjects of the conference.

02.10.2018. Opening ceremony of regular XII International Printing Media Exhibition and Fair and Scientific Conference “Book: Way to Cooperation and Progress” organized by Turkmen State Publishing Service and Trade and Industrial Chamber of the country was held in the exhibition centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber.
Around 150 representatives of printing industry, business and literature circles from more than 20 countries came to Ashgabat for participation in International Exhibition and Fair. There are managers, leading specialists, developers and experts representing the interests of more than hundred publishing houses and printing companies, producers of printing equipment, trade agencies, universities from USA, Great Britain, Austria, France, Korea, Poland, Iran, Romania, the CIS countries and other among them.
Famous poets and authors, translators, scientists, painters, journalists as well as representatives of big scientific and education structures of this sphere are in the composition of the delegations. Art collectives welcomed the participants and the guests with beautiful melodies, which gave special atmosphere to the event.
Members of the Government, leaders of the Mejlis, ministries and departments, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan, scientific and cultural personnel, mass media and students took part in the opening of the forum.

“Congratulate you on the opening of the XII International Printing Industry Exhibition and the scientific conference “Book is the Way to Cooperation and Progress”, says President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, addressing the forum participants.

“The people of Turkmenistan treat the national values with special respect and love, in particular a book – as a friend that is able to transform one’s inner world”, says the President of Turkmenistan.

“At all times, a book has been considered as a treasure house that focuses on the spiritual values of the humanity, it has been and remains a mirror of life, the reflection of history, the guide into the future. In our epoch of scientific discoveries, the interest in a book increases with every passing day. We systematically develop the publishing sphere, strengthen its material and technical basis.

“The Printing Centre complex of the Turkmen State Publishing Service, opened in 2015, and the products manufactured there prove that the national printing industry has reached the world level. We invested enormous resources and introduced the most advanced technologies.

On 25 September 2018, within the framework of the 58th session of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Assembly, the grand opening of a joint exhibition from the group of Central Asian countries, CIS and Caucasus (CACEEC) «Cultural proximity: Unity in diversity» was held in the headquarters (Exhibition Hall) of the WIPO.
The exhibition was opened by the Direetor General of WIPO, Mr. Francis Gurry, with the Permanent Representatives of the CACEEC group countries.
Turkmenistan took part in this exhibition and being inspired by the Great Silk Road concept, exhibited Turkmen national carpets as a historical and centuries-old product of the intellectual property of the Turkmen people, which reflects the national character and continuity of traditions.
Mr. Gurry expressed his gratitude to the Turkmen mission for participation and underlined the peculiarity and uniqueness of the Turkmen carpet and its göls.
The WIPO Assembly is WIPO’s largest annual event, which brings together representatives of all member countries of this organization, as well as of other academic and research institutions.
This year the audience of the exhibition will be over one thousand delegates who arrived at a WIPO Assembly. The exhibition will last until 2 October 2018.


25.09.2018 Preparation to XI International exhibition and Scientific Conference Turkmentel 2018 is carried out. It is expected that more than 80 companies from 21 countries will present their developments and technologies this year at traditional review. Forum “Turkmenistan and World Information and Communication Systems” will gather together scientists, specialists, businessmen representing the ITU and different states.
Having entered the way of fundamental changes, Turkmenistan pays great attention to the introduction of advanced technologies into this sphere, integrated modernization of profile infrastructure, study of the best world practice, improvement of beneficial cooperation with foreign partners and takes measures for active integration to global informational space.


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