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XXIII International Conference and Exhibition “Turkmenistan Oil and Gas 2018” will be held in Ashgabat on November 20 – 22. It is expected that specialists from many countries including the representatives of oil and gas companies, profile ministries and departments, international organizations and mass media would take part in economic review.
The agenda of the forum will include wide spectrum of subjects of development of the world energy market including oil and gas and their products as well as international cooperation in this sphere. It is planned to organize the discussion on the subject of construction of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas line.
Special attention will be paid to such subjects as the attraction of investments to oil and gas industry, implementation of innovative technologies to exploration and production of hydrocarbons, the world practice of production of environmentally friendly fuel, diversification of export routes of Turkmen gas, projects of processing of natural gas and making of petrochemical production.


International conference dedicated to the development of transit and transport corridors will be held in Avaza on November 28, 2018. Participation of foreign experts from many countries is planned in the forum. It was informed to the Head of the State by Vice-premier M. Chakiyev at the session of the Government.
In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that in modern conditions, the cooperation in transport and communication sector receive special significance as an integral factor of global sustainable development. Transport sphere is one of the key segments of the world economy, which makes direct effect on stability and balance of the world economic relations.
It was highlighted that occupying favourable geographic location and improving its positions as important transit and transport hub and logistic centre of regional and continental importance, Turkmenistan tries to implement its potential in this sphere for the common benefit. This is visually indicated by the proposals of our country aimed at the formation of ramified combined system of transport communication in North – South and East – West directions, which received wide support of the world community.
Having noted the importance of coming forum on transport, which is to become actual contribution to further development of beneficial international cooperation in this direction, the Head of the State ordered to provide its high organizational level and timely solution of all issues related to this matter.

On November 15, 2018, in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan a Turkmen-Italian business forum was held, to attend which a representative delegation of business circles of the Italian Republic arrived in Ashgabat.
The Italian delegation to the business forum included representatives of a number of government agencies and organizations, as well as 33 companies specializing in trade, pharmaceuticals, food industry, agricultural and industrial technologies, engineering services, transport and logistics, energy, oil and gas, water purification technologies, engineering technology and construction.
From the Turkmen side, the forum was attended by the heads and specialists of sectoral ministries and departments, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, representatives of enterprises and companies producing export-oriented products.
As the forum participants noted, its main tasks were to familiarize each other with the economic potential of Turkmenistan and Italy, to strengthen and establish mutually beneficial long-term relations between representatives of the non-state sector of the economy. Representatives of the Italian business community expressed particular interest in building productive ties with the private sector of the Turkmen economy, which is an essential aspect of the state strategy of the President of Turkmenistan.
In addition within the framework of the forum, bilateral meetings were held, in which representatives of both countries discussed in detail the directions and prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation.


13.11.2018. International exhibition and scientific conference dedicated to the development of education and sport are opened in the capital. It was organized by the Ministry of education, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the Trade and Industry Chamber.
Impressive composition of the delegations around hundred foreign guests from 30 countries including Russia, USA, China, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, The Republic of Korea, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Malaysian, Yemen, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Mongolia, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other, which came to Turkmenistan to participate in the forum, indicates the recognition of significant input of our country to development of education and international sport movement.
The goal of the forum is to introduce topical trends in these spheres, to promote modern technologies and to implement advanced methods supporting the improvement of quality of education and sport skills as well as public health improving movement.
Members of the Government, leaders of the Mejlis, ministries and departments, public organizations, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan , national and foreign personnel of sport an education spheres, honoured guests, representatives of mass media and numerous Ashgabat residents took part in the opening ceremony of the review. The participants listened to the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed to the participants of the exhibition and conference with great attention.

13.11.2018. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the participants of the International exhibition and conference, dedicated to the development of education and sports, and expressed belief that the forum would play a significant role in studying the advanced experience, discussing the important issues and contributing to the intensification of the international cooperation in this area.
“Education and sports rank among the priority areas that define the world development. We attach particular importance to the complex modernization and systematic reformation of education and sports in the framework of the national and state programmes as a key factor for the further improvement of the social and living conditions in the country.
“Setting up a target to transform Turkmenistan into a dynamically developing state that is able to compete in the political, economic and cultural space in the world, we, first of all, have started training specialists, who understand the achievements of the scientific-technological progress and the innovations.

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