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Visitors to an exhibition of Turkmen artists’ paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts, which is devoted to Victory Day, are greeted with a portrait of a young soldier.
This is Arslan Mukhadov’s painting “My Father’s Portrait. Summer, 1943.” Your eyes are unwittingly fixed on the dates in a wall label. The painter was born in 1951, it means that his father returned alive from war; the portrait was painted in 1985 from a photograph taken before his father’s going to war. We see the young man in a military uniform with an expressive face full of life. His Soviet Army-styled shirt almost melts into the background. The laconic deployment of colors highlights the dramatic moment and brings into focus the man’s eyes exuding calmness and confidence in Victory!
Toymamed Esenmamedov’s painting “Letters from the Front Line” features soldiers’ wives and mothers and a postman reading letters sent from the front to some and ‘killed in action’ notices to others. The women stand out, having larger dimensions - this visual emphasis intensifies the metaphorical meaning of the painting, showing the horrors of war through the prism of grief and loss of the mothers and wives...They say “war does not have a woman’s face”, but a heroic feat has the feminine nature.

On May 21-22, 2019, the 10th International Gas Congress will be held in the National Tourist Zone “Avaza”. The organizers of this specialized forum are the “Turkmengas” State Concern and the economic society “Turkmen Forum”.
The upcoming congress will bring together the leaders and representatives of relevant ministries and departments, specialists from large foreign companies, representatives of international organizations, innovation centers, research institutes, and media representatives.
At this event is also expected the participation of well-known major companies playing an important role in the world energy market, such as “Exxon Mobil”, “Shell”, “Gazprom”, “Petronas”, “CNPC”, “Hyundai”, “Kawasaki”, “NAPECO”, “Vitol”, “Dragon Oil”, “ENI”, “Buried Hill”, “LG”, “Gaffney, Cline & Associates” and others.
Being aimed at developing mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign colleagues in the fuel and energy sector, this forum will become a platform for the exchange of experience, as well as for enhancing relations with major financial and oil and gas companies of the world.


26.04.2019. An International Trade Exhibition and the 11th International Scientific Conference entitled ‘The Turkmen Horse and World Horse Breeding’ have opened in the capital. They are timed to coincide with National Turkmen Horse Day, marked publicly in our country.
Among many foreign guests, who arrived in Turkmenistan to attend the festivities, are horse industry representatives, experts, equine scientists, avid fans of the ancient Turkmen breed, and enthusiastic promoters of famed Akhalteke horses from Europe, Asia and America.
This year, the special exhibition and scientific conference brought together representatives of some 50 leading companies and firms from 20-plus countries - Germany, Great Britain, Uruguay, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Turkey, Canada, France, Iran, China, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, the UAE, Pakistan, India, the Russian Federation, Jordan, Moldova, among others.
The impressive number of the countries participating testifies to the immense prestige of sectoral forums annually co-organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Turkmen Atlary State Association.

Less than a month left until X International Gas Congress, which would bring together key players of global energy market in Avaza National tourist zone on Caspian Coast. Preparation to this important event, which forms up the base for further decisions, search for new investment capabilities and ways of reformation of this strategic sphere, is well under way.
The President of Turkmenistan focuses the attention of top management of fuel and energy complex on the importance of business profile forums of international level and notes big significance of exhibition and congress activity for popularization of the activities in national development, attraction of investments and growth of export potential of the country.
From this point of view, Gas Congress has become recognized competent discussion platform for the past years. The most current subjects and tendencies in exploration, production and processing of hydrocarbons, international technological, trade and economic, political and diplomatic collaboration in this segment are discussed on professional, management and expert level, which are the priority of energy strategy of Turkmen leader.

13.04.2019. Two-day exhibition and fair “Trade and Services 2019”, which was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan, has opened in the expositions centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber. Profile review, which brought together around 200 local and foreign exhibitors, gives the opportunity to trace the trends and estimate the outcomes of steadfast work for provision of abundance in local market.
Exposition hall looks like modern shopping and entertainment centre, which grounds have displays full of fresh fruits and vegetables, various production of national food industry as well as carpet and textile items.
Current exhibition and fair is some kind of the profile of national trade sphere, by which the trends of its development and condition of local market, export capabilities of national manufacturers are evaluated. Trade complex is a visual indicator of social wealth, sphere of real and daily cooperation of manufacturers and consumers. In this context, level of development of trade and services is an important indicator of success of reforms and the process of modernization of the economy.

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