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On May 21-22, 2019, the 10th International Gas Congress will be held in the National Tourist Zone “Avaza”. The organizers of this specialized forum are the “Turkmengas” State Concern and the economic society “Turkmen Forum”.
The upcoming congress will bring together the leaders and representatives of relevant ministries and departments, specialists from large foreign companies, representatives of international organizations, innovation centers, research institutes, and media representatives.
At this event is also expected the participation of well-known major companies playing an important role in the world energy market, such as “Exxon Mobil”, “Shell”, “Gazprom”, “Petronas”, “CNPC”, “Hyundai”, “Kawasaki”, “NAPECO”, “Vitol”, “Dragon Oil”, “ENI”, “Buried Hill”, “LG”, “Gaffney, Cline & Associates” and others.
Being aimed at developing mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign colleagues in the fuel and energy sector, this forum will become a platform for the exchange of experience, as well as for enhancing relations with major financial and oil and gas companies of the world.


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