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10.10.2018. Regular XI International exhibition and scientific conference of telecommunications, telemetry and information technologies Turkmentel 2018 was opened in Ashgabat. It was organized by the Ministry of Communications and Trade and Industrial Chamber of the country.

Members of the Government, deputies of the Mejlis, leaders of the ministries and departments, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in our country, representative of educational structures of the country, public and mass media took part in the opening ceremony of Turkmentel 2018 forum in the exposition centre of the Trade and Industrial Chamber. The participants listed to the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with great attention.

Around 80 exhibitors including national communication departments and their foreign partners who successfully realized long-term perspective important government programmes and projects in this sphere as well as Turkmen companies presented their achievements at the exhibition.

Old partners of our country, leaders in communication market «Тhales Аlenia Space», «Nokia», «HUAWEI», «Samsung», «Hermes Datacommunications International Ltd», «Hikvision», «Space Systems International Monaсo» and other among foreign participants of the exhibition.

«I congratulate you on opening of the XI Turkmentel-2018 International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Telecommunications, Telemetring and Information Technologies. I believe that the conference held in Ashgabat regularly will provide you with the efficient solutions to the important issues on the integration into the international system of communications, will help you to develop the new areas of cooperation in this industry», says President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in his Address.

«While introducing the high technologies and the most advanced achievements of the scientific-technological progress into the system of communications, as well as developing this system in compliance with the international standards, particular attention is paid to the partnership relations. Therefore, our goal is to widen cooperation with International companies and organisations.

«The government invests significant funds to build up the capacity of the national communications industry, to ensure the successful work to develop the space systems in 2018-2024, to offer high-quality communication services to the population. «All this create good opportunities for our country to use the modern technologies, improve the quality of internet-services provided to the population.

09.10.2018. International exhibition “Tourism and Travel” and the conference on development of cooperation in this sphere started work in Avaza National tourist zone.

Representatives from 26 states Russia, China, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan came to the forum in Turkmenistan. The biggest delegations came from neighbouring Uzbekistan and Netherlands.

Opening of the exhibition in Seyrana Hotel was forestalled by musical performance by folk collectives.

It was mentioned at the opening ceremony that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gives important role to tourism industry in social and economic development of Turkmenistan paying great attention to activation of beneficial relations, exchange of advanced practices and implementation of innovative approaches in this field.

Let me extend my gratitude on the beginning of work of International tourist exhibition and conference “Tourism and Travel” in Avaza National tourist zone. I am confident that the forum would be very important in popularization of tourist potential of the country, - greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said.

Turkmenistan works on the formation of relevant infrastructure, legal, economic and social bases of tourist activity. Adoption of legal acts on regulation of tourism sphere, construction and opening of fashionable hotel complexes in free economic zone of Avaza, in Ashgabat and velayats, new health improving and entertainment centres cause the growth of potential of the country in the world tourist market.

International rally Amul – Hazar 2018, which was held recently, became not only big important competitions but also excellent event that revealed Turkmen land as attracting direction on the world map for tourists and travellers.

05.10.2018. Preparation to International exhibition of motor transport is ongoing in Turkmenistan. Vehicles of various modifications including light, passenger, cargo and specialized transport would be presented at the review.

Information about preparation to automotive review was presented at the session of the Government on October 5. In this regard, having noted the importance to test the vehicle in local climate conditions, Turkmen leader ordered Vice-premier M. Chakiyev to invite different companies specialized in vehicle manufacturing for participation in the review and to organize the event on high level.


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