“I congratulate you on opening of the meeting of the Council for Health Cooperation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in Ashgabat! I wish you good health, wellbeing and success in your scientific and creative work, aimed at increasing the level and quality of the social protection of the population, building a modern health system”, says the President of Turkmenistan in his Address.
“I believe that the interstate meeting will play a crucial role in acquainting the global community with the latest achievements and key vectors of development of the national health care system and medical industry, determining the areas for widening the international partnership as well as exchanging experience between scientists and specialists.
“In accordance with the Plan of actions on the implementation of the Concept of Turkmenistan’s presidency over the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2019, a wide spectrum of issues, related to the coordination of interstate relations in the health care system, social sphere and other areas. Turkmenistan as the state that presides over the Commonwealth of Independent States in 2019 prioritizes development of the traditional collaboration with CIS member states in strategic areas. Together with our CIS partners, our independent state intensifies the efforts on building up multilateral relations in the health care system.

15.07.2019. In the first day of his leave, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has went into creative activity as well as dedicated his free time to his grandchildren.
As is known, the Head of the State always tries to use not only his working but free time efficiently. The Head of the State often dedicates his holidays to do scientific works or other creative activity including writing of new works.
Following this principle, the Head of the State continued working over completion of another volume of “Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan”.
Multi-volume encyclopaedic work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov together with broad scientific information contains useful information, which allows permanently growing reading auditorium to adhere to one of the layers of the richest cultural heritage of our nation.
In the process of work, the Head of the State thoroughly studied numerous sources, which became the basis for new scientific work. Reviewing and thoroughly studying the samples of medicinal plants and herbs packed in special containers, the Leader of the nation focuses on their distinguishing features.

13.07.2019. 148 transactions have been registered at the trades of the State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange of Turkmenistan last week.
For foreign currency, brokers from Russia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Singapore, Afghanistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan have bought polypropylene, straight-run gasoline, jet fuel, lightning oil and technical kerosene produced by Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex. Businessmen from Switzerland and Singapore have also bought naphtha produced at Seydi Refinery. Technical sulphur and desulfurized diesel fraction (State Concern Türkmengaz) were the subjects of bargain between representative of business circles from Russian Federation, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
In addition, colourless glass, cotton yarn, furniture cotton, licorice extract and cotton fibre were sold for foreign currency to Russia, UAE, Turkey, Switzerland, Serbia, Estonia, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan. Total amount of transactions has exceeded 81,873,000 US dollars.
For local market, Turkmen entrepreneurs have bought high-density polyethylene from polymeric plant in Kiyanly and cotton fibre to total amount of more than 46,339,000 manats.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

12.07.2019. Turkmenistan pursues foreign policy based on the principles of positive neutrality, peace-loving, open doors, good neighbourliness and equal beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign partners. Developing fruitful relations on the government level, our country demonstrates invariable commitment to constructive dialog in multilateral format.
At the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the outcomes of the first half of the year on July 5, the President stated an active character of cooperation with the UN, OSCE, EU, SCO. CIS and other competent organizations on current subjects of international agenda, having set specific objectives for coming period including to the Foreign Ministry.
In this regards, efficient old cooperation of Turkmenistan with the United Nations Organization, which is built on the principles of strategic partnership and which has received new content at modern stage, is worth to be mentioned.
At present time, our state is a member of number of structural divisions of the United Nations, under which it carries out its activity. Regional US Office for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia in Turkmen capital is a visual symbol of successful bilateral cooperation aimed at long-term future.

09.07.2019. Grain producers of Turkmenistan had a big working victory. Having produced more than 1,650,000 tons of wheat, they have successfully fulfilled contractual obligations.
Turkmenistan is the country with ancient and rich agriculture and today, traditions of rational attitude to the land receive new life.
Farmers have unparalleled benefits. Technical rearmament of the branch is going on rapidly, latest technologies, which together with centuries-old practice of rational land management of the ancestors become a solid foundation for rapid development of agriculture, are actively implemented.
Comprehensive state support to the farmers, provision of powerful social and economic base for development of agriculture are the guarantee for current growth of production volumes in national agricultural complex.

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