19.04.2018. Ophrys kopetdagensis was discovered and described in 1982 in Aydere and Pordere Gorges adjoin to Sumbar Valley. Herbarium samples of those times were sent to Saint Petersburg and lost, therefore the independence of this species was not recognized by the world orchid specialists.

The destiny of the plant was solved in 2015 by the trip of the scientists to Pordere Gorge, which downstream is located on 1000 m height above the sea level. This is narrow strip surrounded by sheer fine-grained slopes of high ranges rich with big species of almond, pillow Xerophytes and diversity of grass. There are bushes of thorny and unique plant Gundelia tournefortii. The path from the creek up the hills runs through sycamores, walnuts and other vegetation species. The oasis strikes with its beauty, cascades of small waterfalls. There is plenty of swamp areas with numerous hydrophilic grasses and sedges. Population of four blooming orchids distinguished by from common and famous Ophrys kopetdagensis was found under the shade of big sycamores in one of these areas. The scientists made several photos dried one sample for herbarium.

The photo materials were sent to orchid specialists. The discovery raised keen interest. Soon after that, German magazine “Orchids of Europe” published the article prepared by Turkmen botanists together with Finnish and Dutch specialists. It presented new species of wild orchids – the Ophrys kopetdagensis. Unique status of this species was officially recognized. During the second expedition to Pordere Gourse, the number of plants were 150 speicies. Turkmen botanists consider the plant as an endemic specific to local place that requires the protection and entering to the Red Book.

20.04.2018. Construction of four multi-apartment houses is being conducted in the administrative center of the northern region of Turkmenistan. The specialists of individual enterprise "Atalyk Gurlushik" built three houses, designed accordingly for sixteen, twenty-four and thirty-two apartments, another one - a 32-apartment house is being built by a private enterprise "Golly Bai".

New houses of improved planning and high comfort are built on the area freed from the old facilities. The modern residential complex with a developed social and living infrastructure is being created thanks to the rational use of the plots of land and the existing engineering and technical communications, which will harmoniously fit into the modern architectural ensemble of Dashoguz. The houses are built at the expense of the share interest of future residents.

The private construction company started the construction of the House of Culture in Kunyaurgench.

19.04.2018. In the administrative center of the Balkan region began the construction of a large residential area. Architectural ideas of specialists of the "Turkmengosproekt" Institute will be realized by the Turkmenabat plant "Zerggerdemirbetononumleri" - the structural subdivision of the production association "Turkmenmedirbetononumleri" of the Ministry of Industry.

The machine operators began to excavate the foundations of the future buildings on the territory adjacent to the street "Galkynysh". Assemblers of the association will have to assemble from panels improved - 148 series - 32 four-store houses of 36: 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments in each. The Health House, a 600-place school, a kindergarten for 160 children and two shopping centers compose the social and domestic infrastructure of the new residential area. According to the project, the construction will be carried out in stages. The eighteen residential buildings and two shopping centers will be erected within 2.5 years, the fourteen residential buildings and other facilities will be at the second stage.

Vladimir KOMAROV (www.turkmenistan.gov.tm)

The first in Central Asia interagency consultative meeting was held in Ashgabat on the development of the Regional Program for the Protection of the Environment for Sustainable Development. The organizers of the event are ICSD IFAS, the State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).
The meeting was attended by representatives of ministries and departments, which formed the national working group on the formation of proposals from Turkmenistan.
Similar work is planned in other countries-founders of the Fund. National proposals of the countries will be built in accordance with the goals of sustainable development, adopted by the UN in September 2015. Turkmenistan was one of the first countries in the world to begin consultations on the adaptation of the SDGs to the national economy.
The program is developed in accordance with the concept of Turkmenistan's chairmanship in the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea. As is known, the validity of the previous Regional Action Plan for Environmental Protection (REAP), adopted in 2003, is completed. It did not take into account in sufficient extent the aspects of climate change, which are now laid in the development strategy of states, including our region, where arid dry land conditions complicate the conduct of agriculture and economic development.

19.04.2018. Turkmen Horse Day is annually observed in Turkmenistan on the last Sunday in April.
In compliance with an Order issued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, an international Akhalteke horse show is to be held in Ashgabat. Contests will be traditionally organized among artists, sculptors, carpet weavers, jewelers, photographers, employees of publishing companies, designers, and camera operators for the best depiction and artistic presentation of the beautiful horses in works of fine and decorative arts, printed materials, photographs, and on TV channels.
According to the document, a panel of judges has been appointed for the within-said events, aimed to boost the worldwide popularity of our heavenly horses.


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