Hosting of the International Exhibition offered an opportunity to intensify efforts in attraction of direct foreign investments into the economy of Kazakhstan.
CEO of the Kazakh Invest National Company Birzhan Kaneshev told journalists how the Astana EXPO-2017 Administration helped the governmental agencies in attraction of investments.
“Hosting of the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition in Astana became a unique opportunity for the Kazakh Invest in attraction of investors,” relayed the Company CEO in the course of a briefing at the RK Government Press Center.
As agreed with the Exhibition Organizer - the Astana EXPO-2017 National Company, in the EXPO-2017 area a pavilion was installed on the platform of which regular meetings of the RK Ministry of Investments and Development and Astana City Administration officers with actual and potential foreign investors were regularly held. It is here that the Astana International Financial Center, Astana Innovations Company, Nazarbaev University and many others also met their guests.
In the entire Exhibition period, the Kazakh Invest officials held 140 various events. Issues of investment into various sectors of Kazakhstani economy were discussed with members of thirty business delegations from the USA, the UAE, PRC, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czechia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries.
However, EXPO-2017 gave the Kazakh Invest officers an opportunity to ‘go public’ themselves. With the purpose of contact establishment, they visited over a hundred pavilions of potential investing countries.
As a result of these proactive efforts, over 20 agreements were concluded. In particular, in the course of Kazakhstani-German Business Council, a framework agreement of cooperation was signed between the Kazakh Invest and one of the largest European producers of compressor equipment: the Linde Group concern.

On the eve of the World Tourism Day, the Astana EXPO-2017 NC Management held a meeting with the national tourist business officers.
According to the Company First Deputy Chairman of Board Alisher Pirmetov, Astana became the most popular CIS city with Russian tourists; and from among the European countries the leaders in the Exhibition visiting were citizens of Germany, with China being the leader in the Asian region.
In three months of the Exhibition hosting period, 5.4 M people arrived in Astana. The Exhibition was visited by 3.977 M people. In his speech, A. Pirmetov marked: “This result was achieved by Kazakhstan thanks to proactive participation of the national tourist business.”
In the Exhibition hosting period, national tourism received immense momentum towards development. Only within the EXPO-2017 period, demand for tour operators’ services increased by 78% (as compared to the same period of 2016). In this time, the Astana EXPO-2017 National Company signed 13 agreements with tourist companies on sale of 187.5 thousand tickets as part of tour packs. At the same time, over 275 K tour packs were actually sold.
The Kazakhstani Tourist Association Director Ms. Rashida Shaykenova admitted that EXPO-2017 “was an excellent school for the whole tourist business of the country.”
The businesswoman also marked that the Governmental Decree on a 72 hour visa-free stay of foreigners in the territory of Kazakhstan encouraged tourist inflow increase. Now, the Kazakhstani Tourist Association (KTA) intends to bring up the issue of the Decree validity prolongation, and also extension of the list of the countries falling within the scope.
“On behalf of the tour operators of Kazakhstan, I would like to thank President of the country and Administration of the National Company for the rendered confidence and fruitful cooperation. Undoubtedly, EXPO-2017 became the driver for the whole tourist industry. In the nearest time, we will gather together with the state agencies to discuss the issue of prolongation of the Decree on the 72 hour stay of foreign citizens. We are interested in the Asian region and we are interested in China.

On the last but one exhibitory day September 09, the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition was visited by 100,514people.
By comparison, on the first days of the Exhibition operation, the average daily attendance amounted to 22,840 visits.
Since June 10 through September 9, the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition was visited by over 3,860,000people.

On Sunday, September 10, 2017, in the Exhibition Complex area, the ceremony of EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition Closure will be held. The official part of the event will take place at the Congress Center premises but it will be broadcasted to the Amphitheater stage since 08:00 pm till 08:50 pm.
On that day, the Exhibition will operate in the normal course; all the pavilions will receive visitors since 9:30 am till 08:00 pm. The official ticket booths at entrance units will be available since 08:30 am till 06:30 pm and since 10:00 pm till 00:30 am. Since 07:00 pm till 10:00 pm, all the entrance units of the Exhibition will be closed. The South and West entrance units will open again their doors for the EXPO-2017 Exhibition guests since 10:00 pm till 01:00 am.
The pavilion atriums will open at 10:00 pm and operate till 02:30 in the night. Here, the pavilions will present their concert programs. The restaurants and catering points in the Exhibition Complex area will again open their doors for EXPO-2017 guests since 10:00 pm till 02:30 in the night. The Exhibition stops its operation at 03:00 am. It is noteworthy that two parades will be held on that day: at 06:35 pm and 08:00 in the evening.
The concert program will be held since 06:00 pm till 08:00 pm and since 09:00 pm till 11:10 pm at the Amphitheater stage. Attendance of the concert program will be available by EXPO-2017 entrance tickets. The ceremonial fireworks in honor of the Exhibition Closure will be executed at 09:15 in the evening.
The EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition is held in Astana within the period since June 10 through September 10, 2017. The Exhibition Theme ‘Future Energy’ meets the world’s global challenges of nowadays in the energy sector. The event is participated by 115 countries and 22 international organizations presenting new technologies in the field of alternative energy sources.

The results of Turkmenistan's participation in the International Specialized Exhibition "Astana EXPO-2017", which finishes its work on September 10, were summed up. The Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan O. Gurbannazarov announced this at a government meeting.
Thematic core of the exposition was scientific developments and innovative projects in the field of energy, including in the field of renewable energy sources. The big place was given to the V Asian Games in the Turkmen exposition.
It was noted that from representatives of foreign companies who visited the national pavilion of Turkmenistan were received proposals on readiness to establish close contacts and develop cooperation with our country in the fields of energy, industry, transport, fuel and energy.
Exhibits telling about the historical and cultural heritage and natural resources, traditions and customs of the Turkmen people, as well as materials about the National Tourist Zone "Avaza" caused particular interest of the visitors.
After hearing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the main purpose of participation in the "EXPO-2017" was the demonstration of the successes achieved by the country.
According to the Head of the state, such forums serve as an effective platform for establishing new contacts, exchanging experience in various fields.
The Turkmen leader instructed the vice premier to study the proposals received from foreign companies and use them to expand trade and economic cooperation with foreign partners, increase the country's export potential.

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