Among the projects to be located in the EXPO-2017 Exhibition area upon termination thereof will be the IT Startups International Technopark
This was mentioned as early as January, this year, by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev in his Message to the people of the country.
“I instruct the Government to establish an IT Startups International Technopark on the base of an EXPO-2017 facility. It must become the platform for attraction of entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world”, marked Head of State.
The idea of establishment of IT parks as local enclaves for innovational development in the sector became worldly widespread. It is enough to mention such large IT parks as ‘Silicon Valley’ in California, ‘Medicon Valley’ of Denmark and Sweden, Cambridge Scientific Park in the UK, Skolkovo in Russia and High Technologies Park in Belarus.
Establishment of an IT center in our country will not only offer opportunities of development of creative potential for Kazakhstani scientists and businessmen but also promises considerable multiplicative effect. New technologies mean new types of small and middle scale business, and new jobs. Ordinary Kazakhstani people will get an opportunity to make money on IT products. The labor market itself will change: skilled workmen will be in demand.

Since June 10 through August 14, 2017, the Astana EXPO-2017 Exhibition international pavilions of participant countries count over 17 million visits in total. The Top 10 visited pavilions are:
• Plaza Africa (22 countries) 659,452
• Egypt 608,733
• Turkey 596,462
• Azerbaijan 568,654
• Thailand 566,711
• India 557,480
• Russia 515,321
• Uzbekistan 469,575
• Japan 461,772
• The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 419,285
In the 2 months of the Exhibition operation, the international participants organized 66 National Days and 4 Specialized Days. About 160 thematic events (congresses, conferences, forums and master classes) were held. It is worth marking that EXPO-2017 was visited by 22 Heads of States and Governments, and also 78 Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Summary of the previous week at Astana EXPO-2017
Since July 31 through August 6, the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition was visited by 308,560 people what amounted to 44,080 on average per day.
The general number of the Exhibition visitors since June 10 through August 6 amounted to 2,102,692 people.
The total number of man-visits (the summary number of visits to all the Exhibition facilities) since 10.06 through 6.08 amounted to 16,205,436 people.

1. Nur Alem
2. Commercial pavilions
3. Shell
4. Children’s Park
5. Thematic Pavilion С3.5
6. Cirque du Soleil
7. Amphitheater
8. Thematic Pavilion С 2.4
9. Creative Energy Area
10. Art Center

The Previous Week Summary of Astana EXPO-2017
Since July 24 through 30, the EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibition was visited by 309,832 people which makes 44,261 visitors on average per day. Let us remind you that in the first week of the Exhibition run the daily average attendance amounted to 23 thousand people.
The total number of the Exhibition visitors in the period since June 10 through July 30 amounted to 1,794,132 people.
The total number of man-visits (the total number of visits to all the Exhibition facilities) since 10.06 through 30.07 amounts to 13,730,503.

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