One person stole an ax. He went into the yard behind an ax, searched everything and did not find it. And beyond the gate was the neighbor's son, he stood like a man who had stolen an ax. He walked like a man who stole an ax, and looked like a man who stole an ax.

Then the man who stole the ax, stumbled, stumbled on his ax. He had not noticed him before. Lifting the ax, he looked at his neighbor's son ... He stood like a man who never took an ax, he looked like a man who can not steal an ax ...

 The translater is Maral Amanova.

The old wise cat lay on the grass and basked in the sun. Then a small, bright kitten flew past him. Then near him past a cat, then briskly jumped and again began to run around in circles.

– What are you doing? - the cat lazily inquired.
"I'm trying to catch my tail!" The kitten answered breathlessly.

– But why? Laughed the cat.

– I was told that the tail is my happiness. If I catch my tail, I'll catch my happiness. So I'm running for the third day after my tail. But he keeps slipping away from me all the time.

"Yes," smiled the old wise cat, "once I, like you, ran for my happiness, but it kept slipping away from me. I left this venture. After a while, I realized that there was no point in chasing happiness. It always follows me. Wherever I am, my happiness is always with me, you just need to remember this.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

One person came get a job as janitor in a large company, such as Microsoft. In the Department of human resources he asked questions were carried out tests, and in the end said:

- Congratulations, you are accepted. Leave your e-mail, that we could you tell about release date to work.

- About! but I don't have a computer, and there is no electronic addresses, - replied man.

- Sorry, then we will not be able you take.

Sad man came out on the street. In his pocket he had just 10$. How he can earn money? And a idea came his mind. He bought from a farmer 10kg tomatoes, and then began to come to houses and offer goods, and less than 2 hours he was able to double the initial capital. 6 hours his pocket was already 160 dollars. He realized that such income it is possible to do with and without the employer. After some time he bought a car, and then truck, then opened a store, and after five years already owned network supermarkets. Then he decided to insure his life. After negotiations with insurance agent asked him to leave email address to send the most beneficial offer, what businessman, like a few years ago, said that he has no electronic address, or even the computer.

- Is amazing - exclaimed insurance agent, you have such a large business, and there is no electronic addresses! You only imagine what would you have become if you was computer!

After a while thinking, merchant replied:

- I would be a janitor of Microsoft.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

One day the Master asked the disciples:

– Three frogs sat on the log. One of them decided to jump into the water. How many frogs are left on the log?

– Three. One of them said uncertainly.

"Of course, three frogs," Teacher smiled. – Because the frog just decided to jump, but did not take any action for this. Never confuse an action with a decision. Sometimes it seems to you that you have already jumped, but in fact you are still sitting on a log.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

An old and very wise man once said to his friend:

— look at the room carefully in which we are now, and try to remember things of brown color.

There was a lot of brown colour in the room, and his friend quickly coped with this task.

But the wise Chinese asked him the following question:

—Now close your eyes and list all the things ... blue.

The friend was confused and indignant:

—I did not notice anything blue, because I only remember things brown on your orders!

When the wise man answered him:

—Open your eyes, look around - there are so many blue things in the room.

And that was pure truth.

Then the wise continued:

— If you are looking for things in the room only brown, and in life - only bad, then you will only see them, notice them only, and only them you will remember and participate in your life. Remember: if you are looking for something bad, then you will find it and you will never notice anything good.

The translater is Maral Amanova.

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