16.05.2018. Opening ceremony of modern plant for production of canned fruits and vegetables with annual output of 1 million of cans was held in Chakyr village.

Representatives of regional and local administrations, non-governmental organizations, elders and youth and local residents took part in the event.

Modern plant for production of canned food was built by Ýakyn Dost Business Entity on beneficial bank loans. New facility has all links of modern processing production including workshops, freezers with total area of more than 100 square meters, warehouses, laboratory, boiler, administration building. The territory of new facility is planned and planted with trees.

The facility is equipped with automated bottling and rinsing lines, advanced laboratory hardware, computer control system, steam vessels and fire suppression system. All modes of sanitary control and conditions for personnel were made at the facility.

The plant, which opening created dozens of working places, will produce wide variety of canned food like compotes, jams, juices, pickles and marinades. The feedstock will be procured from local residents and farms. In the future, the entrepreneurs plan to rent 60 hectares of land for growing of fruits and vegetables.

The asphalt plant of State Concern "Turkmenmanoyollary", located in Gubadag etrap sent to consumers since the beginning of the year tens thousands of tons of products. The enterprise was built by order of the Ministry of Motor Transport of Turkmenistan in 2007. The asphalt mixing plant was originally designed to produce 160 tons per hour. Later, in growing demand for products was put into operation another plant at the enterprise, capable of producing 120 tons of asphalt per hour, which allowed to increase the pace of road construction in the region.

The company annually produces hundreds thousands of tons of high-quality asphalt. The main part of the production is intended for the roadway of the Ashgabat-Karakum-Dashoguz highway, as well as repair of existing and construction of a branched network of new roads in the northern region.

Batyr URAYEV (www.turkmenistan.gov.tm)

26.04.2018. Mass production of the licorice root began in the Lebap region. Employees of the Turkmenabat agro-industrial complex «Buyan» carry out industrial development of licorice plantations.

Turkmen licorice according to foreign experts is one of the best in the world for quality and consumer properties and is widely used as the most important raw materials in the medical, food and other industries. Thus, the Turkmen licorice root, and its semi-finished products are in high demand on the world market. Today, a large part of the pressed licorice root, its thick and dry extracts produced by the Buyan agro-industrial complex, is purchased by China, the United States, France, India and other countries, licorice raw materials are widely used in the medical and food industries of Turkmenistan.

The successful development over the last decade of the industrial base of the liquor industry in Turkmenabat, the introduction of innovative technologies, the construction of new industries played a key role in improving the quality of processing of licorice root at the level of world standards.

24.04.2018. The license for the production and sale of single-phase electronic electricity meters was received by specialists of the new workshop of the “Turkmenkabel” plant of the “Turkmenmashinstroy” concern. Annually will be produced up to 180 thousand modern high-quality products.

Electronic devices are assembled on equipment and components from the Turkish company MAKEL that supplied by the company “GAP Inşaat”. The workshop is equipped with more than 20 types of equipment - mounting tables, spot welding and soldering devices, stands for testing meters. Finished products undergo several stages of testing errors with external influences are detected with the help of accurate measurements: changes in the voltage in the network, different temperature conditions - from -40 to +80 degrees, with mechanical action, and also the influence of noise.

The workshop staff has already prepared for implementation several thousands of single-phase meters that have received a certificate of compliance with existing standards. Electronic meters produced at the “Turkmenkabel” plant will replace electromechanical induction meters used in residential buildings. The new device has many advantages in comparison with previous one.

Electronic power meters provide high accuracy of measurements in accordance with international (IEC) and interstate (GOST) standards. Experts plan to expand the range of products by developing a three-phase electronic meter assembly that is used in production.

Vladimir KOMAROV (www.turkmenistan.gov.tm)

According to the statistics of the analytical agency Turstat, “the pearl of the Karakum Desert” – Ashgabat is one of the ten most popular cities for spring travel around the CIS countries.
Tourists from all over the world have long loved the “City of Love”. No one camera can catch the stunning sunsets that reflect from the white marble walls of capital skyscrapers – you need to see it with your own eyes.
The National Museum of Turkmenistan and the Carpet Museum are places of pilgrimage not only for foreign but also for local tourists.
“Where else can you learn so much about the history of our Motherland? – shares with ORIENT Anton Rasulov, one of the visitors of the museum. – Now, after the tour, I realized that I want to learn more, and see everything live. There are so many places that one can and, most importantly, want to visit”.

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