The national touristic zone “Avaza” is extremely developing, growing and changing year after year. The coastline was decorated with a refined architectural ensemble of luxury hotels, where were created comfortable conditions for recreation on the ecologically clean coast of the Caspian Sea for the period that passed since the presentation of the first projects of Avaza development. In the infrastructure of the resort area there are children's health and cultural and entertainment centers, sports complexes that meet world standards, as well as shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, original landscape parks decorating and harmonizing the dynamic style of the modern resort.
The transport infrastructure of Avaza is developing, highways with traffic circles are under construction. The original sculptural composition "Shining Avaza", symbolizing the flourishing of an international sea resort on the coast of ancient Hazar will decorate soon one of the transport infrastructure in front of the park-entertainment complex "Jadyly kenar". Another monumental composition with the speaking name "Pearl of the Caspian" will be built at the entrance to the International seaport of Turkmenbashi.

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Nusay Hotel, located in the centre of the Turkmen capital, on the intersection of the Turkmenbashi Avenue and the Galkynysh Street will be replenished with a new building, designed for 120 guests. The modernized hotel will be able to accept twice as many guests to Ashgabat. In addition to comfortable rooms, the hotel building will house two restaurants with banquet and multifunctional halls, a SPA-zone, an indoor pool, a souvenir shop, a bank branch, administration offices and technical premises.

Architects proposed an original project for the reconstruction of the hotel complex that includes two buildings at a distance of more than 200 meters. The architectural ensemble will be connected by a decorative colonnade. A landscaped park with original fountains, green plantations, floral decorations, stylish elements of park architecture will be created on the territory adjacent to the complex. The complex will have an outdoor swimming pool, walking areas, parking. Thus, the hotel complex will become another "visiting card" of white-marble Ashgabat - a business, cultural and tourist center not only of the country, but also of the region.

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Contractors of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan will build 63 two-story cottages for family recreation and leisure infrastructure facilities along the sandy coastline on 16 hectares: walking areas, medical facilities, SPA-salons, cafes, restaurants, sports and children's playgrounds, swimming pools.

The architectural style of the cottage group will combine the design trends of high-tech and elements of national architecture and decor. The composition ensemble of all buildings of the complex will be stylized as a national brooch - "gulyaka" with pendants.

All conditions for comfortable and harmonious recreation of adults and children will be created in the new cottage complex on the shore of the Caspian Sea, and the interiors will emphasize the atmosphere of coziness and ecology.

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The construction of 32 four-story panel houses began Balkanabat city, the administrative center of the western region, on the basis of the improved 148th series of reinforced concrete products manufactured at the plants of the factory of large-panel housing construction in Ashgabat and Turkmenabat.

The residential block of 22 houses of the improved 148 series was erected from the parts produced by the local plant of large-panel housing construction along the route leading to the new Turkmenabat airport. It is also planned to build seventeen 32-apartment houses and 170 family-type cottages. In the industrial way, a large number of high-rise apartment houses of the 148 series were built - in the Mir-7 residential complex in Ashgabat. The construction of a residential area of 20 houses of the 76-y series with use of products of Buzmein plant started in Buzmein. In all region centers were built 48-apartment large-panel houses of improved series for people with disabilities.

06.06.2018. In the Takhtabazar etrap of Mary velayat, the grand opening of a modern complex of water treatment facilities erected by the Economic Association "Aby-Köwser" took place. New construction with a capacity of 15 thousand cubic meters of drinking water per day is designed to provide high-quality water to the local population.

The total area of the object is 3.2 hectares. Water from groundwater deposits "Yaşlyk" and "Marçak" goes to special open-type pools with a capacity of 3 thousand cubic meters each. Before entering the consumer network, the water will be subjected to thorough testing and analysis in the chemical and bacteriological laboratories of the plant at all intermediate stages of purification and preparation. It should also be noted that the company created 40 new jobs. Technological parameters include repeated cleaning, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection of the water. All processes are controlled by a computer system. The complex is equipped with dozens of modern pumping units, filters, and other types of equipment from well-known manufacturers of the Czech Republic and Turkey.

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