The line of non-alcoholic beverages produced by the “Akdash miveichgileri” enterprise was filled with cold tea of the Lipton trademark. The drink is made in two varieties - black tea with raspberry and peach flavors.
The capacity of the production line is 45 thousand 0.5 liter plastic bottles per hour.
It is planned to launch the production of green “Lipton Ice” with the flavors of grapefruit and lemon to New Year holidays.
IE “Akdashmiveichgileri” is the exclusive distributor of “Unilever” in Turkmenistan, which owns the Lipton trademark, distributed in more than 150 countries around the world.

The greenhouse complex is built in the administrative center of Balkan region as part of the implementation of the regional development program and the tasks to increase the production of fruits and vegetables. On an area of more than 5.4 thousand square meters it is planned to grow up to two hundred tons of tomatoes and other vegetables per year for residents of the region center. The construction customer was a member of the IUET, the entrepreneur Toily Goyunlyev.

The premises for growing vegetables are assembled from galvanized metal, covered with polycarbonate sheets, which are lighter and stronger than glass analogues. Greenhouses are equipped with special equipment that supports the optimal temperature, light, humidity and soil saturation with nutrients. Irrigation is done by sprinkling and drip methods. If it is necessary to ventilate the room, the roof of the greenhouse is automatically moved apart. An administrative building and a housing for personnel, an irrigation water tank and other infrastructure facilities have been erected near the production site.

The use of modern technologies for the cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses will significantly visit its yield and quality.

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The production of LED ceiling lights started the Economic Society «Aydin Gijeler» The new products of the company are intended both for residential premises and for production workshops. At the first stage, lamps with dimensions of 30x30.30x40.60x60 centimeters were put into production.

The enterprise is one of the first established in the framework of the State program aimed at creating a competitive, equipped with high technologies, resource and energy saving, electronic and electrical engineering industry.

«Aydin Gijler» has mastered the production of LED lamps for domestic and industrial premises, as well as products used in street lamps. Every day several thousand luminaires with a power of 3 to 24 watts come off the assembly line, which corresponds to an incandescent range of 40 to 240 watts. Also launched a workshop for the assembly of children's educational computers. The company has eleven thermoplastic automata, which are used to make computer cases and lamp bulbs.

The batch of ceiling LED lights will go to the distribution network at the beginning of next month.

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The “Bereketly” economic society - a large company operating in the food sector, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan opened twenty company stores in Ashgabat this year.

If before sausage products and meat delicacies of a popular brand could be purchased at temporary outlets, now the company sells products demanded by customers through a network of stores equipped with specialized equipment.

Ten more chain stores are preparing for the opening according to the Bereketly sales department, two of them will open before the New Year. In addition, in the large residential areas, such as the Mir-7, Gaudan and others will be established itinerant trade.

The products of ES “Bereketly”, which are actively involved in the implementation of the state program of import substitution, are in high demand among the population. Buyers are attracted by a wide range and high quality of sausages, meat and chicken delicacies.

01.11.2018. The bees became active assistants in the greenhouse erected by a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country the «Han gala» individual enterprise on the territory of the Berkarar etrap of the Gerogly association, became. They pollinate tomatoes in a test plot. Miniature beehives were purchased in Turkey.

According to experts, the natural pollination of flowers of plants is an effective agronomic reception for obtaining high yields, as well as improving the environmental safety of vegetables, which is important in the context of export-oriented production. In the private greenhouse on five hectares of land will be grown hundreds of tons of tomatoes, including popular varieties of cherry.

During construction of the complex used modern materials with high thermal insulation properties, environmental friendliness and long service life. A computer program controls all technological processes. Modern equipment from leading European manufacturers automatically maintains the optimum temperature and light conditions, humidity levels and the process of enriching the soil with nutrients.

An end product will be tested for quality in a special laboratory before shipment to consumers. The farm is equipped with autonomous heating systems and water supply. On the territory of the complex is built a warehouse and soon will appear a dining room, an office building, a parking lot for vehicles and other infrastructure. Fruit trees are planted in the surrounding area.

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