Specialists of the Jahan Elektronik private enterprise for 20 years have been developing and producing traffic light control systems - multifunctional controllers.
These devices, which are installed next to traffic-regulating devices, not only ensure switching of light signals, but are also able to automatically set various modes, such as normal mode, peak mode, night mode, yellow blinking mode, and green wave mode. Two years ago, the company's specialists mastered the production of devices with integrated microprocessors.

At the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on September 6, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov approved and signed the Law on Cyber Security, which is aimed at protection of sovereignty, interests of the country, prevention of threats to network security as well as provision of public order, legal rights and interests of organizations and citizens.

The currency of the Law, which was elaborated at the request of the Head of the State, defines the processes of digitization that is widely expanded in the country. new technologies and electronic services became an integral part of the life of society. intellectual systems are introduced in activity of the government authorities and all branches, which changes completely the organization and management of business activity.

In this regard, development of national standards and methods in information security including harmonization with international standards and technical regulations is one of priority objectives of further development of Turkmenistan.

Construction of big private facility for milk processing is carried out in Gyorogly etrap, Dashoguz Velayat. It is built by member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan Oremuhammed Annagylyjev. Workshops for milk processing and production of dairy, laboratory, administration buildings, shop, medical and auxiliary infrastructure facility will be built on 2 hectares. At present time, the construction of production and laboratory buildings is carried out.

It is worth to mention that livestock farming cluster efficiently operates in the velayat due to the government investments and measures of economic stimulation. Private sector is widely presented in the sphere of meat and dairy production. Members of business community of the northern region build number of profile complexes of different production capacity relying on flexible credit mechanism.


The individual enterprise Ak Toprak, which participated in the Caspian Exhibition of Innovative Technologies this week, produces 98 types of sausages under Bolelin, Teyli and Ararat trademarks.
In an interview with Business Turkmenistan, Muhammet Durdymuhammedov, the representative of Ak Toprak, said the company's sausage production factory was launched in 2018 and currently employs more than 100 specialists.

Hoşwagt company, based in Mary velayat of Turkmenistan, diversifies product range through the Altyn Baş trademark. Under this trademark, there are 5 types of coffee –¬ strong coffee, with a nut, cappuccino, milk flavor, hot chocolate. Altyn Baş also includes sweet glazed wheat, glazed rice, popcorn (corn flakes), stick chips, pyramid chips with onion flavor with sour cream, barbecue, as well as with red pepper, common wheat-corn with cheese flavor.
The company also started production of Altyn Baş crackers and multicolored refined sugar with additives - the taste of raspberry, cinnamon, lemon, wild berry and plain white.
Hoşwagt presents new products in various ways – corn sticks with beefsteak flavor, with onions, ketchup, with milk and cheese. There are also 4 taste flavors – sea salt, barbecue, sausage and cheese.
“Our country supports entrepreneurial activity which allows to create food abundance, to master the production of new types of import-substituting products, to being capable of competing in world markets,” says Maksatmurat Gurbanmuhamedov, the head of the company.
Currently, goods under the brand name Altyn Baş are sent to Afghanistan, and in the near future they will be purchased by Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.


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