Projects for increment of production volumes of confectionary are under development in the country. The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs builds the facilities for replacement of the import of this production. It was informed to the Head of the State by Vice-premier at the session of the Government on January 11.
38,324 tons of confectionary have been produced in the country last year. 30,423 tons have been made by private companies. The production under such famous trademarks as Hasar, Oguzkhan, Bars, Tyaze Ay, Nagmat is on high demand in foreign markets, in 2018, the import of confectionary to Turkmenistan reduced almost two times.
The proposals of the members of the UIET are related to the expansion of the variety of chocolate production, flour confectionary, etc. in particular, it is proposed to build three facilities in Ahal Velayat as well as to modernize existing ones introducing new production lines.

At present, number of users of Internet-Bank and Mobil-Bank services of Altyn Asyr payment system, which are used by the clients to manage their bank accounts and make remote payments of different services, is growing. In the nearest future, Rysgal Joint Stock and Commercial Bank is planning to introduce payment method using the QR-code. This information was given at the session of the Government of January 11.
Having informed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov about preparation works related to the joining of this bank to the members of Master Card international payment system, Vice-premier G. Myradov presented national samples of banking cards designated for users of this system to the President of Turkmenistan for review.
In this regard, it was noted that stable development of banking sphere is one of the key factors of the provision of competiveness and dynamic development of national economy, successful integration of our state to the system of the world economy.
Expansion of list and improvement of quality of banking services including on international level, introduction of advanced practice and innovative technologies have been outlined among perspective directions. Having generally approved the samples of cards of Master Card international payment system for local users, the President addressed the Vice-premier with number of instructions.

New hothouse farming complex of member of the “BEK” Individual Enterprise, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, supplemented the structure of agricultural production of Lebap Velayat. It was opened in Dostluk Farming association of Charjew etrap by M. Jumakuliyev.

Modern hothouse complex, which is provided with necessary equipment and innovative technologies, was built on two hectares. Its opening will give additional work places. Cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes has started in the complex.

At present, there are 10 big modern hothouse farms in Lebap Velayat, which grow wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Opened in Farab etrap ahead of a new year, a petrol station has serviced its first several thousand customers. Built by specialists of Lebap Self-supporting Department of Turkmennebitonumlery, it is located on the Turkmenabat-Farab Customs Post highway, along which heavy-duty trucks transit through Turkmenistan.
The new station, tooled with up-to-date equipment, has everything necessary to offer quick and quality service. It has 4 petrol and diesel fuel dispensers, 4 fuel tanks, and other facilities, including a car wash, oil change services, a car parts and accessories shop, and a payment terminal. The petrol station boasts a modern fire prevention system and a well-tended and well-lit area adjacent to it.
Not long ago, a modern parking lot for transit high-duty trucks opened in the eastern region nearby the Farab Customs Post. It covers an area of four hectares and has a range of facilities, such as a rest area for drivers, a truck registration office, a café, and a repair shop.

More than 12,000 tons of concentrated nitrogen fertilizer has been dispatched for export from Garabigazcarbamide Plant, which was opened in September this year. Big shipment of mineral fertilizers has been procured by foreign consumers from Spain and Italy. The product was shipped to bulk carrier at modernized berth of Garabogaz. Another 7,000 tons of carbamide are ready for export.
Largest in the region petrochemical complex was designed for production of 1,155,000 tons of carbamide. Specialist of foreign department of the State Concern Turkmenhimiya informed that significant part of the production made by the facility is planned to be exported to foreign consumers. More than 200,000 tons of mineral fertilizer, which is on high demand in the world market, have been bought in December for export.

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