During their 5,000-year history, the Turkmen people created seventy states, including the largest empires, which left a notable mark in the history of the world civilization. Despite the peacefulness and tolerance, inherent in the national character, our ancestors had to fight a lot, defending their native land and the independence of the Fatherland.
In earlier historical periods, the ancestors of Turkmens, whose life proceeded in difficult natural climatic conditions, also had to defend their right to exist, finding the harmony with the surrounding nature, flora and fauna.
Agriculture in the extremely limited water resources of the arid zone, hunting, during which the not only predators, but also unbearable heat posed the danger, as well as constant fighting against those who tried to encroach on their native land, dictated the need for a strong physical conditioning and high psychological stability.
Therefore, since early childhood, Turkmens trained their children for adulthood, using for this purpose a system of games and sports exercises that were included into the practice of folk pedagogy. Later, the elements and individual types of these games became a part of ritual actions and dances that were performed before hunting or fighting, as if preparing a person psychologically and physically for the upcoming event. It was a pre-start warm-up (if to draw a parallel with sports and apply modern terminology).
Therefore, children's games served not only and not so much as an entertainment, but represented the peculiar lessons of life, the school, the purpose of which was to prepare the younger generation for adulthood. Such lessons began from early childhood.
At the same time, the games, as expected, were interesting and exciting. The folk pedagogy was based on these principles – entertaining and educating children through games, and boys and girls - in ritual events, helping to acquire the techniques and skills necessary in everyday life, during hunting and fighting.

The first golf club in Turkmenistan is to be opened on October 17 in the central part of the capital on hilly area adjacent to 630 hectares parking zone. 70 hectares golf court is located next to Yuldiz Hotel.

Unique landscape project for elite game was developed by Nicklaus Design, which is headed by famous American profession golf player Jack Nicklaus. The project was made by Turkmen company Myradym.

Standard golf court with 18 holes is ready to receive the fans of this game. The main zone and gulf course are covered by ideal grass without any weed and empty spots, which looks more like a silk carpet rather than grass plot. This is the masterpiece of landscape design made by the years of joint work of architects, technologists, landscape designers and…lawn mowers.

Chairperson of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russia, Valentina Matviyenko, addressed a message to the President of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, expressing her gratitude for the invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the Ashgabat–2017 Games, and conferment of the title of the Honorary Citizen of the city of Ashgabat.
“Accept my heartfelt appreciation of the opportunity to meet with you during the visit to Turkmenistan of the delegation of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on 16-18 September 2017, and to attend the opening ceremony of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.
Unforgettable days when we were accorded cordial hospitality in sunny Turkmenistan will remain in our hearts forever. Members of the delegation of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation witnessed the titanic work that has been carried out since Turkmenistan won the right to host the 5th Asian Games. Since my visit to your hospitable country in December 2015, the image of the white-marbled capital has changed even more and dazzled us with amazing architecture and uniqueness.
5th Asian Games, the opening ceremony of which we had the privilege to attend, left an indelible impression.

Athletes and officials from Oceania have united in declaring their participation at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games an historic and successful moment for sports in their region, saying the experience will benefit their competitors for years to come.
A total of 19 Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) accepted invitations from the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) to send teams to Ashgabat.
The Turkmenistan organising committee covered the costs of teams travelling to the AIMAG, with a combined total of around 250 athletes from Oceania taking the unique chance to compete against the best from Asia in 11 different sports.
‘We really have to thank the Turkmenistan Organising Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia,” said Lorraine Mar, the Secretary General and CEO of the Fiji National Olympic Committee.
“Our athletes that competed in these facilities were able to raise their own standards because we don’t have these kind of facilities in Fiji.
“It’s been a really good initiative to create greater co-operation between Oceania and Asia and if more of that could happen, it would be a great.”
Terry Sasser, the Secretary General of the Marshall Islands National Olympic Committee, said there had been multiple benefits for the Oceania athletes that competed at the AIMAG.
“We came here for the competition because we don’t get it much in the Pacific. It’s very difficult to travel logistically,” he said.

“I express my cordial congratulations to you and all Turkmen people on occasion of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games held in Ashgabat on September 17 – 27, - the message of President of France Emmanuel Macron says.
Conduct if such significant event during these eleven days turned Ashgabat into sport capital of Asia and concentrated the attention of sport lovers from all over the world who was able to discover the beauty of the nature and heritage of your country as well as cordiality and hospitality of Turkmen people.
You initiated the invention of the delegations of 19 Oceania countries to participate in the Games and I am glad to mention that French Republic was represented at V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games by the sportsmen from its two territories in the Pacific Ocean – the French Polynesia and New Caledonia.


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